Wednesday, March 12, 2014





Saturday, March 8, 2014






双眼皮手术 我来了


Friday, March 7, 2014


My god 
The haze is so terrible 
I can't hardly c the sun

Walking back from work, noob face!
Nothing nice with the weather like this
I can't breath normally 
I really hate pollution 
My mood today: stupid human beings!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Singk in Singapore

Yesterday was my first time singk in Singapore 
At first I assumed that they all sing English song 
But then, none of them did

I sang only two songs 
Abit shy singing with my colleagues since i am here for only four months 
I try to be friendly and talkative
But maybe I'm too shy 😒😒

The first song I sang with my pretty colleague - 简单爱
Second song I solo - 妥协
This is the only song that I can sing from beginning to the end hahaha 😂😂😂

Btw someone said my voice sound alike jolin's
And I'm happy
I like jolin 😍😍😍

I hope I can tahan for today
Pls go away sleepy face

Post a nice pic sin.. It's not yesterday pic btw
It's taken when I was driving 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Keep fit after cny

I would like to share how I keep fit after cny
It's not the best solution , but it suits me

Okay, my weight after cny is around 47kg
Oh shit, my weight normally maintain at 42 to 45
I guess the metabolism start to drop
I need to do something 

Last time, I skipped one dinner with light lunch, I can reduce 1kg
This time I can't achieve by skipping meal

1. I eat full breakfast. Eg. Mihun goreng
2. I eat vege with egg or potato for my lunch (no meat, less rice n noodle) usually I eat very little rice, or I chose dong fen or mihun
3. I took fruit or some biscuits around 5pm. It's my dinner! After this, no more food. If I'm hungry again, take in yogurt or fruit drinks
4. Exercises are required to have healthy life. I'm not hardworking enough to gain muscle, but at least reduce waist aim is 23inch, but still it's far far away from me. 
I would suggest simple running in the evening for at least 30mins. I did 30mins tummy workout such as plank, sit up, squat and so on. It's very useful to gain muscle! Sometimes I go for swimming, around 1 hour restless. 
I can c my body is more fit now, still bloated and flabby, but better.. Hahaha comforting myself 
But when my friend saw me, they were like " suki, you inject Botox?" Face slimmer already , damn happy ler hahaha
Now my weight is around 44.5kg
My target is 42kg
Gayao gayao!!


OI'm a workaholic who never like to work.
When you give me a task, I will try my best to complete it on time. Usually I finish the task before the date, and I will update it immediately. 
Maybe I should finish the task early, but update it the next day or on the delivery date, so stupid me!
Not good to b over punctual k!

Okay, this is what I got yesterday night:
Big o-che
Alright, try to become slow motion n less workaholic 
If you don't do the task, others will do...hahahaha 

Back to Malaysia

I am back to kl
Well, I actually back to kl every month
What I did this time?

I post something back to my hometown in the morning. Okay, the skynet at diamond square is no longer there FYI.
Then I met my pretty babes, had a nice lunch together 
She is pretty and available! But only for good man
We look alike, but of course she is much prettier even without make up 

Then we visit our old friend, very sampat girl 
I think the camera effect is too too bright.. And it's totally diff from real person, dark become fair, still I prefer normal cam hahaha

Okay, started my job in the night at muziun Telekom for a fighting match
I didn't watch the show actually, abit scared to c ppl injured
This pretty girl is my partner of the night, I like her attitude, friendly n sampat
She look alike "jolin" and she joined pageant before, talented girl 
Okay, done!
My whole night ended with insomnia
What's next?


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